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Info on delco light 752


Hello i am kinda new to delco lite plants. I just purchased one at a sale and took it home to see if I could get it to run. Well I was suprized it started right up. Problem is it has a knock which I need to investigate further. I believe its the rod. My question is what type of bearings do they use on the rod. Also, I am missing a few little things such as cover over air chamber, the rod that goes from control box to carb, muffler, and hand crank. Where do I find these parts and I would like to find a manual if possible. I have been around hit and miss engines before but this is a whole different breed of engine. From the threads I have read it sounds like Delco Don is the man to talk to. I also would like to say other than the few pieces i am missing this appears to be cosmeticly in great shape. The wiring diagram is near to perfect and the wires look original.After I bought this unit my father in-law said he had one he would give my. I haven't had the time to dig it out under his bench to see what model it is but I do know it is bigger than my 752.

I also need the spring for the points it was broken when I opened the cover. I had to rig up something to make them work. I ended up last night welding the pieces back together but I don't think It will last long kinda hard to weld spring steel. when I get a chance Im going to restore this unit if rod and crankshft are not ruined. I will post pictures when I get a chance.


was that the one at hersher? i looked pretty good except they tipped it over when unloading it. good luck.

oh yea:brows: i didn't bid again you.


Just to up date I pulled the rod out of this unit and was happy to find the the bolts were loose causing the knocking sound. There are no shims put inbetween the rod halves and the bolts must have worked loose. now I have to build shims. The unit also has more end play on the crankshaft than I like so ill have to check that out. I'm still looking for parts for this if anyone can help.


I just looked at the serial # and it is 307703 kinda neat its the same forward or backwards. Does anyone know when it was made?

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Acording to my literature your unit was made between January 1 1928 and July 1 1928. The Model-752 some times has the date cast in raised number on the face of the flywheel.

What parts did you need? I think I might be able to help with that. Contact me off line or PM me and I can check it out.

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I am still looking for parts for my delco light plant. It is a 752. I need the cover for the air tube, rod shims, spring for the points. I did find an alternative for the grommets thru the housing that looks good. I am also missing the throttle control rod and handle that goes from the relay box to the carb. If anyone knows where to find this stuff I'd appreciate it. my e-mail is apwirth@yahoo.com. Also does anyone know what they used to seal the crankshaft. There is a groove in the bearing in block and also on outer bearing plate. I am assuming it is where you put packing material but there was none in it when I tore it down. I will be posting pictures of this unit soon I sandblasted it and have most of the pieces painted. I am currently assembling what I can.