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info wanted for unloved old engines on offer


hi guys just a quick one but as iv just found to a privt
guy whos now wanting to move some old clunkers out there and knowing if its most likey they are all common stuff how much ud think theyd be worth if iam want to buy these items
all engines need lots of work some complete but most not
2 cyl southern cross air cooled diesels x2 one complet the other not parts only but not going his trying to ask of $500 each but with the way things are id could only offer half that again for each one a single cyl 6hp air cooled southern cross diesel looks complete also not going a heap of bloody rubbish tip small petrol air cooled briggs and shit stuff a buzzacott slash roseberry 3hp hopper cooled petrol no fuel tank no maggie carby needs work or also replaced and a crank handel needed screw him down from also $500 to $150 if thats even still too much? and a ronnie n type 2hp just missing the fuel tank and crank handel from what i can see for $250 a 3hp open crank ah mcdonald diesel c type missing fuel tank oiler the back cap from the crankshaft to over on the con rod with the 2 bolts and nuts and 1 gresser cup and tin guard over the side cogs was also asking $500 if he can be screwed down further again any thoughts of if all these are worth the amounts his asking and if there a good buy cheers:shrug:


Hi Putt Putt, see you ave returned again.

Scrap value on the engines if they are not complete or running so at the $250.00 you said being half the asking price that is still way over the top of their value.
biggest problem for your sale is where you live, not as many buyers that far up the coast than if you were around the Capitol City, I too have the same issue when selling. So take what ever is offered and then they are gone.