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Insurance for Your Show Ride


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I got to enjoy Portland pain free for the first time this year putting around in the mini Jeep. Then a couple days ago my liability insurance gets cancelled.:mad: They've decided it's a dressed up go-cart and won't cover it.

So anybody have any ideas for the "required" liability coverage? My agent isn't getting anywhere. Personally I think it's closer to a side by side based on parts used.


Scotty 2

Re: Insurance for your show ride

Hello all
Ask them what their definition of go-cart is and go from there.
I could imagine the biggest difference between go-cart and gopher would be speed.

Cheers Scott


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I asked him if I put the body on my Suzuki Ozark chassis would work. :shrug: Will have an ATV VIN and title.:cool:

Andrew Mackey

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You might try Hemmings Motor News magazine- They have companies that insure 'specialty vehicles'. I am sure yours would qualify. Cost???

Frank DeWitt

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I would buy a dead golf cart and substitute parts until it looks exactly like your mini jeep. Be sure to keep the VIN number original


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Years back when the Denton Threshers reunion first started the rules about insuring rides, I was still using a lawn and garden tractor. At that time I had just finished my Porter Cable Mark 1 Suburban tractor and it looked swell.So I sent photos of it to State Farm. When I called State Farm some how I wound up with a policy on a lawn tractor.It was not cheap.But I got by for 2 years I think.
Then the farm park dropped the requirement on lawn tractors and just required it on golf carts and such.
For my golf cart I pay 76 dollars a year to Foremost insurance group.It is a sub of Geico.
100,000,300,000 coverage same as my cars and trucks.
It makes sure I am covered for the 50,000 that Denton requires at the moment and when,not if they decide to go up,it will already be in place.
Foremost insures 4 wheelers, jet ski's and such.

For your ride sir,I would consider it a golf cart as the wheels will interchange.
Who was the insurance with? Are you registered handicapped? If so, no bigger than it is, it shouldn't be any more or less than a 4 wheel 2 person scooter I have watched people pay 4000 dollars for!:crazy: