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International 1-1/2 M Parts Engine Value?

Watching this International 1-1/2 M engine on an online auction, current bid at $93.00. Wondering what the max might be for these parts? Has a broken flywheel, missing magneto, piston, rod, and other smaller pieces. Thanks.



I have 2 of those and I like how they run but they're about as easy to buy as anything out there. Tom Winland has a running one for $600 and mags are $200 + so by the time you get all the rest of the parts and build it you will wind up with more in it that its worth.


Here in Minnesota $100 for the lot would be a fair price. I have bought similar engines for $50 or less. It looks like an early understrike ignitor block. It should have a brass tag on the top of the crankcase. If that tag is there that will help the value.
No tag. One flywheel has a big piece missing too. I think I will pass. Only a few pieces I wanted off of it, then would have sold the rest. Everything usually goes excessively high on all their auctions. Even see people pay more for items, than you can buy it new for:crazy:


Picture is a bit fuzzy but appears to be what is left over that nobody wants after one is parted out? Worth something if you need one of those parts to complete and early engine but personally I would not give the current price for the lot to build and engine from. X2 on one other said, you will have more in it that you can purchase a complete runner.
Thanks for all the advise! Just another lot that goes "stupid high" on this auction house's items. Nothing there I needed to get my M running for that price. As they say, "good things come to those who wait".