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International U9 Gen Sets


I have been reading and see that there was a company that made generators that bolted up to the back of an International U9/UD9 power unit.
Im trying to find one of these, so if anybody knows where i might be able to get one it would be great thanks.


Jim Rankin

Re: International U9 gen sets

You never know what you'll find, might come up with a unit on a bad engine or a take-off generator that someone has put the engine in a tractor etc. Have you asked on Red Power board? I think it is back online, but don't go over there often.

As a practical matter, you might use a modern aftermarket generator end and fabricate the flex plate for a 1 bearing direct mount or find a coupling for a 2 bearing style. Generator ends are available in any quality you need from Chinese ST style on the low end to Stamford-Newage on the upper. Sounds like they may have been 25kW sets? Need about 40-50 hp at the synchronous rpm for your generator. In other words, 800, 1200, 1800, 3600 rpm.

In reality, unless you just want to do this project for fun, it would be cheaper to find a complete generator set with all the safeties and controls already on and possibly repair it etc. Your project can certainly be done and you wind up with a very usable generator set. Might be a bit hard to automate the gas/diesel switch-over on a UD9 if you wanted it to start automatically.

Wayne 440

Re: International U9 gen sets

There are a couple of members here that have 40's era LeRoi sets at 900 RPM. Big old 4 cylinder engines, with side covers on the crankcase. I couldn't afford fuel for same, but would love to have one anyway.:D

Rich Mc

Re: International U9 gen sets

He is a list(maybe partial) of WW2 Signal Corp Power units using the UD9 engine all @ 1200 RPM.
PU-19/FRC 20KW
PE-85-M 15KW
PE-205-B 15KW
PE-207-B 25KW


Re: International U9 gen sets

I think what you're looking for is this:

MIL-P-10213 Power Unit PE-205-()| CUST:ME82 A 2815 MB 14 Jun 52

On a 1958 listing for the 205-B, D & E The engine is listed as a IH UD-9 @ 1200RPM, Gasoline starting diesel. The listed alternator is a GE 12G341, the exciter is 5BC78DE2A 64 volts 23.4 amps 2000RPM. The differences between the "B" and "D" is associated with the free standing switchboard no switchboard data was given for the "E" unit.

The mil manual is a
TM 5-5025 TO 35C2-3-49-71

Generator Set Electric, portable
Diesel driven, skid mounted
15kw 120/240 volt 1 phase, 60-cycle
Consolidated Diesel Model 1616 (Less Engine)
Departments of the army and air force February 1957

And it looks like this:



Re: International U9 gen sets

And Richland Center is about 3 hours and 20 minutes from me.

Of course, it'd take me better part of a day to get TO it and dig it out, but just give me a nice day or two with dry ground, and I can make that happen.

What evil iron do have that you're willing to trade?:brows:


Re: International U9 gen sets

I have an EDM _ it was on the U-6 slightly smaller but the old specs say over-load is fine - just check temperature once in awhile.Larry 603-831-2308 Keene. NH

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U6 is slightly smaller in electrical specs. Same flywheel housing. and every other mounting.