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It's 1928 in New York City and Harold Lloyd is Driving

Roger Byrne

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Reminds me a little of riding around in Rosholt with your moderator at the wheel of his Model T. :hide::rotfl:

Bud Tierney

For the youngsters here, the taxi passenger/victim was Babe Ruth...
The whole movies these clips are from are available at your public library in DVD sets of Harold's work, astonishingly beautiful restorations, crystal clear as if shot yesterday...unfortunately, Harold's madcap sight humor and Buster Keatons perpetual deadpan "how did that happen?" humor in the silents didn't transfer well to the talkies for either of them...
If you ever get to see Buster and Fatty Arbuckle as garage mechanics utterly and completely destroy a car in for a wash job you'll never forget it...also available in DVD collections...