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J. I. Case Pictures


Regarding the 1909 catalog link attached in post #302 by casetractor, page 26 shows a 2 speed option for the 32HP. Does anyone know if that option was ever purchased? Since the 32/110 is a scaled down 150, is it the same arrangement that Kory has on the 150 he built? Do any engines exist today with this option? If you don't want to look through the catalog I have attached a snip of that page. Thanks.


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Colin knows much more about the subject than I do, but I'm going to say "a few" of those were built and some sold. This is likely the catalog view you speak of?

This is one that was sold. Note the gear inside the flywheel. If I remember correctly, Colin said more than one design was tried on these (and some 25 hp Case engines as well) before they dropped the two speed idea at Case. Gary


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Sifting through papers and found this. Not sure where it came from? Says engine owned by Fred Freshcette, Red Deer,AB, No. 35007