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Jacktown (Blue MT Ant. engine show)

Alan R

The show is this coming weekend (Sat and Sun). The grounds are really wet and there doesn't seem to be any chance of them drying out. We are as prepared as we can be but ask for the use of common sense when driving through the grounds to get to your spaces, flea market spots and parking areas. The market spaces are sold out of course and I am sure there will be plenty of goodies.

Don't forget to walk through the exhibit area to see if that special engine might be for sale there. We don't encourage sales in the exhibit area but understand some contacts are spur of the moment:O:O

I'll let others talk about the apple dumplings and ice cream and soup and... .

Andrew Mackey

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I was at jacktown for both days. ground not bad at al, easy walking. Some of the previous trouble spots had crushed blue stone filling in the low points - a welcome addition. Saturday was the better day - nice weather and not too cold. Sunday was windy and 'bitter cold - I don't think it broke 40F all day. For me, it was a dis-appointing turn out. Only about 6 people had displays out front. Behind the saw mill, only about 1/2 the display spaces were filled. :( There was a lot of walk thru traffic, both days.

In all the years I have been helping in the kitchen, in the mornings, this is the first time we have not sold out all the food! Even during the rainy summer show, we sold out!!

I also noticed that there were no model engines on display in the model engine shed! There were 3 gents with models in back, next to Bob herder, but none in front, and they were gone Sunday. Where are all the model guys? JT has installed an electric compressor to power air driven models, as the Penn Compressor has issues, and is no longer driven by a tractor as in past years. I surely missed the models ths year.

As for my display, I had my Ingersol-Rand 3 R-36 radial air compressor running, and it drew a lot of attention. Quite a few people took pictures and made video of it running. The Charter-Mietz 4 HP oil engine also drew a crowd as well. Reversing it on the fly sure draws a crowd. One time I wanted to shut it off, to use the porta john, and I did not wait to see the engine completely stop before I had to go. It had stopped turning over the compression stroke, so I thought it was done. I came back about 5 minutes later, and it was still rocking back and forth, firing but not making enough power to carry over top center! :eek: One pull on the primer lever and it made a complete revolution and picked up speed. Sure smoked a bit though! a man watching it said it must have rocked back and forth about 40 times before I came back. "Never seen anything like it" he said. The Jacobsen twin also drew a lot of looks too. I had also spoken to a man from PA that also had one. I cannot remember his name at this time. I also had an 1850s vintage James Watt steam engine and my AC LM 46-B spark plug display too. With the cloudy day Sunday, You could really see the plugs in my display firing pretty well. I got to see the big 2 cylinder Fairbanks Morse diesel fire up too. They have the injectors sorted out, and it ran well, but only for a short time - the cooling system was not hooked up. Man is that thing LOUD when it accelerates! Smokes a bit too - makes nice black and white smoke rings that go for many feet away from the short exhaust stacks! Now if only they can get something to put a load on it, I bet the Stak 'music' would be amazing!


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was thinking it to be a great turnout. :( i couldn't make it. 1st fall show i missed in 15yrs. i was ready till Thursday evening then broke down with stomach gut rot and backfiring from each end. i do eat a lot cereal and thought i got into a box of roundup. :shrug: feeling better today finally. Hopefully be there at the snow show in Jan. :brows: