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JD 1937 AR front rubber tire question.


New member
What are the types of rubber tires on the front of the tractor that would be most equivalent to the originals. I have "cut off" steel fronts, with welded new rims. I realize they should be round spoke fronts, but I am doing the cost effective method. The rims are 4 inch, and will accept 6.00 or 6.50 x 16's, but which is better for the 1937 AR?
And what about the ribs, probably 3, but how should they look? Does Miller tire have something very close.
I just don't want to get the tractor all done, take it to a show, and have someone say, "Why didn't you get the "such and such" ones, they are more original, and cost is the same?"
/Thanks for your help.

Tony Thompson

Hi Greg, Hope you have enjoyed working on the AR :) . I have an opinion for your tire question. Your problem is not a tire problem, it's a wheel problem. All of the purist or ' picky ' people will be so offended by the cut-offs that they wont even look at the tires :( . Most triple rib 16's are all aproxamently the same. Since your working on a budget, and your stuck with cut-offs, buy the cheapest 600-16's you can. They will look nice because they are new, and the vast majority of the tractor nuts will know that you did the best you could with what you had, and they will like it just fine :D . I have a 1930 Twin City KT on cut-offs and not one person has even noticed that the triple rib fronts don't even match one another :eek: .