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Jeff's old tug

Jeff S

Been workin on my old tug past couple of days. my son and I got one of our two 4 cyl flat heads running so now I don't mind doing a lot of the busy work, and lord knows there's a lot of busy workšŸ› šŸ˜ I had a couple of stupid attacks while getting the engine going but if I don't have one or two of those a day I'd know something was bad wrong lol. Since we haven't been able to find a pic and since it's stripped completely down we decided to Ian Roussel the bugger and start with a clean slate. Hopefully we'll end up with something close to what it was but uniquely our own. ( I don't often get to slip uniquely into many of my conversations ) I'm getting a bunch of the cobbled up crap cut off of it plus I got both the tranny and the rear end freed up. chain drive looks good and the mechanical brakes are in surprisingly good shape (after a ton of crap cleaned off of them.) Not to worried about all the fabricating and wrenching but can only hope I can do a decent job when it gets to the tin work, but that's a long way off. I hope to have it running by the time the Chickentown gas and steam show comes around at the end of mayšŸ”