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Jetapower 15.6 KW Generator


Hey Guys. Long time no movement on the generator.

Went at it today, seeing as the weather is good. The problem appears to be limited to just a certain Cylinder. Going to remove it and test to see if there is issues with it.

The Gen starts in about 2-3 seconds with this cylinder removed and the smoke is greatly reduced. The knock also appears to be less, if not a normal diesel knock when a cylinder is not firing.

Pictures of gen set.




I need help; I'm trying to test the injectors and as per my previous post I think I've narrowed the problem down to one injector.

This may seem like a stupid question - however, how does one remove them? I'm having trouble. There is a picture of same in the previous post.




Two things.

1. You may find it advantageous to remove the manifold. Just sayin...

2. The injectors can stick in, and if they do, gentle prying may be necessary. Make 100% sure you both clean the area around the injector before removing to preclude any debris from falling into the cylinder, and that you get the copper washer seal out (and replace it with a new one) as the seal can end end up a bit stuck in the head.


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Hello, I've recently acquired an old US Military Generator. It was made in Ohio and has a 4 cylinder hercules diesel engine. I will attempt to give you as much information as I can; I'm away from home until Friday.

It's output is 15.6 kva and the cage is stamped Jetapower.


Above it a link to generator I bought.

It take alot of turning to start it. (It has no glow plugs). Maybe 30 seconds of turning. The fuel pressure is irregular. I have not run it long, It is extremely loud. When running it produces thick white smoke. Eventually It dies out - I'm thinking fuel starvation? What do you guys think? Could you tell me more about this generator. I'm looking forward to getting her working in top condition. I have not done this type work before - so it's all new to me!

Thanks in advance from Ireland!
I have manuals for this genset in .pdf format. Happy to share.