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Jim Gehringer

Bob N

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I am sorry to let all of Jim Gehringer's (jamesk815) friends on the Smokstak board know that he passed away last Friday. Information is here:


He was a model builder since the early 80's and for some time a supplier to the hobby ( Blackberry Models). Before building models he had a collection of full size engines he took to shows.

Bob Nawa

Paul Spence

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Bob: I met Jim at the Coolspring Power Museum many years ago and have had several phone conversations with him over the years :) . I'm really saddened :( to hear of his sudden passing at the young age of 73. Condolences go out to his family, and close friends. I'll miss talking with him :( .

Matthew Guy Clarke

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I always enjoyed visiting with Jim. He was always interested and respectful of my model building. He was an excellent model builder , he will be missed.

Gil Garceau

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So sorry to read of Jim's passing. He was a great guy.
I always enjoyed talking with him at Coolspring and the NAMES show.
I still have the Proteus Dynamo I bought from him the very first time
I attended the NAMES show in 2001 or 2002.

Rest in Peace, my friend.


NC Rick

This is my first post on this forum. I contacted Jim about another mutual friend who had passed earlier Jim May of Sandwich, Illinois, I person I knew and cared about dearly. I worked on his airplane, spent time in his shop helping build ip parts of his kits. He spent time with me, rebuilding an old South Bend lathe.

Jim Gehringer was very kind to me and explained how he had lost interest is providing parts for the Jim May kits (which I would dearly like to find.

I’m going on 65 now, but was just a kid when involved with these great people.

Rest In Peace my friends!

If anyone knows where I could find on of Jim’s Kits, please let me know. For sentimental reasons I want to build one and run it.