JLO Single Cylinder Mystery Motor

Dale V

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Trying to ID this motor, the gentleman I got it from said it was one of the first JetSki motors. It has a Twist grip like a motorcycle attached to the carb. The motor plate has SIBA on it and I did a search and no luck. Searched the actual motor number no luck either. I do not think I have all the parts for the waterpump side. Any info will be appreciated.


Re: Jlo single cylinder mystery motor

Have you check Kawasaki's site for info? I believe the skidoo was manufactured under their name.


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Engine JLO ILO M200V with SIBA start-up ignition system and engine running.

The engine crankcase needs oil for the crankshaft? I know this engine is two strokes and it use the proportion oil/gas, but when it was started the engine then crankshaft blocked. I saw under the engine a drain screw I suppose is lubricating oil for the crankshaft.

Sounds really good - so should his engine JLO ILO M200V with SIBA starting-ignition light system, engine is running.


Engine JLO ILO M200V with SIBA start-up pilot light system, setting the ignition timing and the points.


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If it wouldn't turn over yeah it probably got a slug of fuel due to a leaky carb. In that case pull that plug and drain it out! Sometimes these plugs were used to connect a hose for crankcase pulses to an impulse type diaphragm fuel pump.

Dale V

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Re: Jlo single cylinder mystery motor

No I have not, but will research that, thanks so much for the lead
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