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John Deere LUC engine governor, adding hand throttle


I'm using a LUC engine coupled to a Model A transmission and axle on a small homemade tractor I'm building, the LUC engine has as far as I can tell just had slow and fast idle controlled by the governor. When I hook up a hand throttle to this, do I hook it up to the governor or take the linkage from the carb to governor off and hook my throttle directly to the throttle shaft on the carburetor?

Your help is greatly appreciated,



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Hook your throttle lever, cable, whatever to the arm on the governor that pulls on the gov. spring. Whatever you do, don't disconnect the governor unless you want to see what it looks like with a rod hanging out the side of the block...


ronm,s right, you can always adjust the governor, get a luc or a la john deere manual (same motor)….:D