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John Lauson 21/2 hp. no. 2992

Rich Mueller Sr

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Got this from Michigan via Fastenal today to add to my Lauson collection, https://youtu.be/NeObszYvMk8 to go with no.3516 igniter fired version, this was sold at a auction the winter of 2019 and Jon bid it up to my limit then, Shelby got it and sold to Pat Weeks, and, then I found it was for sale again, so it came to Mo. today. When I get time, the boards , which I think might be original have to be replaced a big crack and a old steel plate under it now and the rest of the board is about gone, so it is time to remake, and 3516 will be replaced to as they are not that good, might as well do both and have repainted and striped as these are. I think this has been repainted a LONG time ago, kind of hard to tell, but I can see what is left of the old decal they used on this early style on one side of hopper, the wheels also have striping on them to, but it could have been touched up long ago, battery box I know has been remade, and WILL be moved back, so a hand will clear, almost got me on 2nd spin it fired up. the way I like to buy engines these days, check it over and put fuel and oil in and spin!! nice engine, and will leave it as is...