Johnson Iron Horse X205


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I picked up this iron horse at a road side flea market and know very little about it. Was hoping some one could help me with some information on it. Model is X205 it has a tillotson carb, a two piece spark plug. It seems to be in pretty good shape. Has good compression and no play in the rod and crank. I haven't had time to check for spark yet. But it looks like it has an original condenser on it, so I doubt it. I mostly collect and restore antique briggs. But this thing looked to neet to pass up, especially at that price. Does any one know the aproximit age? Or where I mite find parts if I need em? Thanks, Chuck


I have 5 myself. Four were made in Canada and one was made in the U.S. I see manuals and gasket sets on eBay quite often. I know of another one for sale close to me that has a lever start. Mine I believe are all pull rope started. If you search this forum, there is lots of information about them. I am more of a Briggs and Clinton engine person and just got the Iron Horse engines when I bought other engines as a package deal. I don't have any plans for them at this time.


hey I gotta atlas 10f lathe also, love that a pic if you can of the iron horse.
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