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Great to see old iron doing real work in real time in this sugar mill, old machinery at its best.......:)


EDIT added:

It doesn't get much better than this unless you are one of the workers, that is. Gondang Baru is the most antiquated of Java's many sugar mills and much of the equipment shown was 100 years old, particularly the larger stationary steam engines.

60 Minutes so sit back and take it all in!

John Newman Jr.

Only got to watch the first 15 minutes, but I'll finish it up later.
With all those BIG engines to feed, I would love to see how many boilers they are firing. And how big they are. Burning cane remains to fire them?
Some of the governor belts look like they could fail at any minute. Bet that could get scary until the operator gets the valve closed!


New member
that is really something old machines still doing their job. I will look at sugar in a new way from now on.