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Jowett, Barnett, Qualcast, info required.

john gilbert

Hi All Stakers, I have a friend with what he feels is a twin Jowett or Barnett Engine. It is missing a few parts but most of it is there. Can anyone help re an Owners Manual so he can figure out what is missing etc. pics attached to help.
Cheers John.Jowett Ian Hinks a.jpgJowett Ian Hinks a.jpgJowett Ian Hinks a.jpg


Eric Schulz

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It's a Jowett engine from a Bradford ute or van. Tell Ian I said he should have known that! Not sure where Qualcast fits in.


john gilbert

Hi Eric, Thanks for the reply. When he first mentioned Jowett to me I thought of the motor bikes, then he said Bradford vehicles and a cousin of mine had a Bradford Van back in the 50's. I knew it was a twin cylinder and thought that would be what it was. I see that he has already been in contact with you, I will pass your message on . re, Qualcast, apparently it is cast into a part somewhere. Many thanks for your help. Cheers, John.