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Junque Box F.A.Q.


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First off, if you are looking to buy, sell or trade stuff, go here:

Or, to TRADE stuff, go here:

This board is being set up for that more rare and special occasion.
Thanks go to kg5388 and BTPost for the concept of this board.

If you have a rare tool, part or book that you think someone else can make use of, that you need NO money for except shipping costs, and it's time to clean out the junk box or drawer, this is it!

This board is being configured so that you may close your own threads when an item is gone.

Originally Posted by kg5388
Would it be OK to do what some other forums call a pay it forward or a karma?

Where you clean out an old tool box or drawer and find some old obscure part or old tool you don't need.
You post that you have and will give this old part away for FREE, just post in the thread if you can use it.

List a date that you will pick a winner from the thread, picking a winner by random or by picking a name out of a hat or something to that example.



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This is a "Pay it Forward" type Forum. If you're like "Me" and you have accumulated a lot of really "Good Stuff" that you just know you will never use again, but know that there is "Someone" out in Smokstak.com Land, that can, and will, use it. This is the place to make those Posts. After you start your Thread, you can then reference that thread, in a post to the appropriate USER Forum, where folks hang out, that the item would be of interest to. I want to thank, Harry for making this available to our Users. Harry Set out the Rules, in Post#1 in this FAQ. This can be a great help for our Users, to get things that are available for use, back out into the world, by folks that need the items. Please, Do not abuse the privilege that this forum offers. Thanks, for your attention to this forum.


I guess one thing that was omitted was: please do not enter if you just want to win and then put the parts up for sale or throw them in a drawer.

If you can use it fine but why keep someone that needs it and can't find it, from getting it just so you can make a buck.