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Here is what the engine looked like several years ago when the first Brit owner got done with it. I added the Name plate as brits tend to give their engine a name. :D

I have some more pics and video from the second brit owner Jeremy. He repainted etc but did not have the time to restore it proper. It does no look much different than newer paint



Thanks for the info and the photo, Doug. I think "Atrocious" fits it very well. What a shame, someone needs to bring that poor thing back to the States and give it the authentic restoration it deserves.


Beth V

The bars on the drivers are what threw me. My (Mom's?) picture shows the rears smooth. Someone went to a lot of trouble putting the bars on it and then to put rubber on it.

The positive comment for the poor thing is: The rubber would be nice over here....but gads that front pedestal needs to be put back where it belongs! "Atrocious" does fit the poor thing.



The positive comment for the poor thing is: The rubber would be nice over here....but gads that front pedestal needs to be put back where it belongs!
The footplate is what really stands out to me. It really transforms the appearance. I don't really understand the design of British footplates. To me, they look very confining. If they removed that footplate and changed it back to it's original configuration, it wouldn't look so weird.


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The British engines were intended to do a lot of road work between belt jobs, sol there needed to be fuel and water close at hand. British foot plate set up is indeed very confined. It is also the water and coal bunkers similar to what Case used. In fact in all likely hood the Case contractors bunkers were patterned after the British design. Only Case went one better and incorporated a bigger wider setup with more storage and room to work. Over here where the Keck was intended to work, there was little road work, mostly barn yard belt work. The more open platform was a lot more handy.

Tim Mathis

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Re: Kgc 1810

Noticed today that this engine was posted FOR SALE on the FB Keck Gonnerman Club page on May 9, 2019. Anybody know anything about it?

Here's a message I received from Chris Wheeler of Louisville, KY:

"I was wondering if you could help me. I am looking for #1810. The last record of it I have is in Westport IN, in 2004. My uncle owned it back in the 90's. I would like to know where it ended up. Thanks for your help. Chris"

I don't have any current info on this engine.:shrug: It is a 22 SSG built in 1926. 68 x 20 rears, 42 x 10 fronts. It originally went to Benson Threshing Co, L.C. Benson, Secy., Owensville, IL, then to J.A. Miller of (can't read the writing:rant:)

Larry G.

Tim,the only info I have on #1810 is that it was once by Warren Wheeler of Henryville,Indiana. That note is over 40 years old. Amazing how these engines get around.

Larry G. :wave:


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Tim, the KG that you had and the rest of that collection is once again scheduled to be auctioned off. The last sale was a fake sale, the seller bought most things back. This time it is a estate sale, same seller.

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Thanks Frank! Didn't realize it right at the time but now do . . . I think the Good Lord intervened and watched over me last time & the way things turned out I think was much better than what I had planned myself.

Hope the little 16 gets a good Keck home & that whoever gets it is friendly. Hope if it's close enough I can go see it sometime, maybe even help put it together and pull the throttle once! 🙂