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Kohler 100KW Generator with White D48900 Diesel


Greetings: I have a vintage Kohler generator,100KW, with a 6 cyl White diesel engine, Model D4800X126. My question has to do with changing out the 2 oil filters. Filters are mounted flange down. Looking at the filter base it appears to have a bolt to let both filters drain out before removal.
So when installing new filters, you put both on dry, that's more than 2 qts of oil not included..???
What is method to get those 2 filters filled with oil before running engine....???
Photos attached below...


Birken Vogt

I change all filters dry. Oil from a bottle is filthy dirty compared to filtered oil. The engine will not be harmed running 5 seconds with no load, and the oil film will always stay in place.

I have run engines much longer than that to get something out of the road with no oil whatsoever. I heard of a guy who once ran an excavator for 15 minutes with a hole in the pan to get it onto a lowboy. Once they repaired the leak it ran a full life.


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Maintained a set with that engine about 10 years and my predecessor did about 15, and my successor has been about 14 now. That engine used cartridge types and still does. Installed dry won't hurt it a bit.


Isn't it also possible that the filtration system is "bypass" instead of "full flow"? In which case, the oil pressure from the pump will go to the Journals, cranks, rockers, etc. FIRST, and the pressure diverted from the pump goes through the gallery to the filters, to be returned to the pan.