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Kohler 15RMY82 SAE Mounting?


Hello folks, I have an opportunity to pick up a Kohler 15RMY82 generator fairly cheap. It is not generating right now, but im told it is not major issue. Im inclined to buy it, but what should I expect to offer?

The Spec # is 11701-A621, serial # 242841.

I have an additional question....
What I am trying to determine is if the gen head mounting is a standard SAE mounting hole pattern and if so, what is it?
(so I might use the gen head with a different engine)

I can measure the unit (but no disassembly of course).

Does anyone know if these units are SAE or are they Kohler specific mounting arrangement?

Also, I searched threads here for the manual link and found it, but it is know defunct. Anyone have a good link?

Thanks much.


I don’t know about the mounting, but Kohler has pretty detailed drawings available for their stuff on their website, so if your unit is listed I’d see what drawings are available. You might be able to get enough info to figure out what you need.

If the unit isn’t generating, don’t trust someone saying it’s “not a big deal”. Generators only have one purpose: to generate electricity. If it’s not generating something is broken. Does the engine run at least? If the engine doesn’t run, I’d offer little more than scrap value. Who knows how much work it will need to get running, and it might turn out to be a junker.

If the engine runs, but the generator has no output, it might be a regulator problem, or a bad stator, or even something simple like an open breaker. A continuity test will give you a good idea if the stator is ok or not. If the stator or field shows open, then the unit probably isn’t worth buying unless you want the engine or scrap parts.



thanks Bill,
yes, I know the basic quick windings checks and so on, I would only buy it cheap, understanding that there may may major windings issues.
in the past, ive been real lucky in that many no power issues have been simple.

the engine runs, but gen has no output.
if the unit had and sae 4 housing mount, I could mate it to another engine.

I was hoping a kohlerguy might know about the mount.
I have had no luck with finding drawings


The alternator won't necessarily have an SAE size flange, but the engine will.

Since this is an R-series machine and three phase, there's a very high probability that it has the R-series regulator and controls, something that you can't jury rig or repair for pocket change.

There were single phase four lead R series models that used the PowerBoost regulator, but above 12.5 kW they were 12 lead machines with a very unusual hybrid regulator that used an SCR assembly to fire the fields. Grossly over engineered and frighteningly expensive to repair.