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Kohler 2.5RM62

Kevin K

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Recently added another Kohler to the cluster, 1800RPM tri-fuel 1R22 with a K160 and A243830 controller.. Controller is a bit odd, two-position start/stop switch with two terminals, does not have the momentary contact for the start like the other units.
That is the same as my two Kohlers, a 5RMS62 (3600RPM) and a 5RM62 (1800RPM). I guess I naively thought all Kohlers had a two position start/stop switch, close to start and run, open to stop.


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^^ the "orange powder" 2.5RM controller is like that too, but the others not. All of them are unique in some way, one has an overcrank device that will pop 10 seconds after you stop cranking.. I have a larger RV style with a K241 or 301 on it, haven't even looked at that one yet. Missing the tin from the "vacu-flow" fan..

I’m a little late to the party here, but that bright yellow dust tends to be what you get in corrosive atmospheres. That can be very high humidity with a hot engine, or fumes (I see that sometimes in steel things in battery rooms, bright orange or black corrosion). It should clean up the same as “regular” rust.

It did clean up easy - reminded me of the dust from drilling holes in brick, I was thinking that it might have been used on a dirty well head up in fracking country. Used the rotor for the other 2.5RM, but the engine is in fine shape other than needing a mag coil.