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Kohler generator 7.5 C60 engine runs no AC


Have 2 7.5 C generators. one leaks enormous amounts of oil and fouls plugs.
Other runs great no AC output. I've gone through control panels some wires had been removed. Using working generator made wiring diagram rewired panel. Then found brush wires torn up and without insulation. Repaired all wire still no power. Then tried to directly energize field coils that had no voltage. No current flowed from power supply. Finally checked resistance on field coil circuit is open. Working generator has about 10 ohms. Can field coil be fixed or is swaping good engine to good armature and coils the way to go?


I agree, swap’em.

Have a quick check of the armature though, sometimes just one of the wires connecting the windings to the slip rings has a loose connection and that you can fix. If the winding is open somewhere inside the coils, then it’s a big rebuild job.