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kohler k12 needs parts


the magneto ign went bad on the Kohler. no spark no continuity in the windings so my dad went and bought a motor from harbor freight. it doesn't have the hp of the Kohler and it has a low oil switch which comes on just sitting there. so bypassed the switch and the motor runs ok but where can i find a magneto ign coil for the Kohler?


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Hi I am sponsor on this site. I have a new coil for that engine for 89.95 and an used one with the later covering that won't crack for 55.00. I have a coil tester that fires the coil and checks the minimum current that it takes to get it going. I also have the manufactures specs for the minimum current, so I am sure the used coil is good. Both plus 7.90 mail. Thanks Jim Jim's Antique Small Engine Parts