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Kohler L600 throttle linkage swivel bolt question

Kenny Crenshaw

I finally got my 1967 Kohler 6.5 KW generator running. After spending a small fortune in parts, and many hours going through everything except pistons, rods, and crank, I put gas to the fuel pump and she fired right up.

I have a question. I do not remember exactly what the linkage screwed into the little brass throttle lever looked like, but something seems odd about the little threaded part that screws into the brass thingy. The threads stop short of the end to where I had to put some washers on it to take up the slack where there are no threads. The parts diagram shows the same threaded part at both ends, but mine are different.

Can one of you guy go have a look at your machine and tell me if it is the same or different? Pictures are below. Thanks!



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Mine is all taken apart, but I put them together to see. There is a fingernail's gap in there. I'll stick a flat washer in when it goes back together.

Mine is almost threaded all the way up though, further than yours. Perhaps your linkage rod is turned around? The end that goes through the governor arm wouldn't need threads all the way to the shoulder.