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Kohler light plant

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Bill Cole

I have a Kohler light plant model 2R21 with control box A243582. The serial number is 178400. This is a 115 volt AC 2KW generator which was built in 1953 I believe. The engine is the L600 4 cylinder liquid cooled model. I need the control box wiring diagram, as someone before me attacted the wiring and added some type of remote starting system. Some of the wires have been cut and new ones added. Photo copies are fine and I have no problem with the cost of coping and postage.

todd lovelace

What a coincidence.....I may have a copy of the original manual at home...I have a 5kw 120/240 vac unit that I pulled out of a swamp years ago and Kohler still had the manual in stock......email me at home

(hemihead@mediaone.net...Todd Lovelace)


Sorry, the email address hemihead@mediaone.net is no longer valid.

K. Feher

I have what should also be a 1953 Kohler serial # 172878 (hard to read). The radiator says Kohler but the engine is a hand-crank Waukesha 4-holer. Output is 115/230 AC. I was told it was a 32 VDC system, it has 3 12v batteries in series to start it. The hand crank scares me to death; how do you use it?

Also where can I find docs???

The first thing I want to restore are the placards (understand it must be done without removing)... any hints on that?

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