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Kohler generator on my boat is NG
Last season fired up from cabin , hearing it running ruff , looked up from cabin and holy cow , saw a huge mountain of black smoke was coming thru every opening under deck floor.
Looked like boat was on fire.
Closed , . A marine mechanic happened too be working on dock He came over, fired gen set. That smell within seconds , He said my motor windings are grounding , Don't use , Dangerous
Gen set is blocked by a motor zero access
This week had too pull boats engine that blocked gen set
Pulled gen from boat
This is what I discovered ,
Relay is good , Starter NG
Also - Fly wheel frozen , cant turn
Hours on gen set is 255
Model FD 501D
Kohler 5 E marine , gas
Engine - Kawasaki
2 cylinder
Built 2003
Lots of rusted areas
Never used gen set , Many rebuilder shops selling 5 thousand
Rebuilding mine ? considering
If I need a gen set for that rare occasion a portable 2500 watt will run a/c , Other then the carbon too be concerned with many boaters scrap these old generators in favor of a Honda portable , leaving far as possible from boat ,
I have power inverters for coffee , tv , fans , etc but really never use when boating ,
If I decide too jump into rebuilding this gen set , were too get parts , used? rebuilt ?? Does it pay for this old marine ?

Some thoughts ,
I jump into projects , never rebuilding a small engines


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Seeing you are in saltwater. I'd skip the rebuild. I'd imagine the rig got some water ingestion when/before it let out the magic smoke. Then sat and locked up. Sure take it apart, and check it out. * maby* you got lucky?
My 2 cents.


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"... many boaters scrap these old generators in favor of a Honda portable..."

Old? It's a 2003. The problem here, isn't that it's 'old'... it's that it's 'not old ENOUGH'. If it was from 1973, it'd still be fine... ;)