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KOHLER MARINE 5E- starter burning ?


Is it possible for a bad starter too smoke ?

Kawasiki electric motor
hours 225

Recent weeks have posted re: this Kohler , I believe I have few issues but addressing one at a time

Discovered starter is NG DEAD no cranking

Solenoid three posts , ( 2 ) from battery & starter S - small wires
Solenoid tested good , Grounding fine
When I hit start there is Power too all terminals
when I release switch only power is from battery
Solenoid is good, clicks and does as its supposed too do ,
also jumped starter cable from battery , Nothing

Getting too starter , another story

Have changed number of starters on boat engines & cars never experienced smoke When they go , they go , just change

Originally due too amount of black smoke like boat was on fire I was thinking motor winding grounding , but since starter is NG could a bad starter internal STUFF cause black smoke ??


Maybe if the enamel on the windings burned you’d get some smoke, but probably not very much. Any smoke from those windings would have the distinctive “burning electrical” smell too, which is noticeably different from the “burning oil” smell.