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Kohler Marine 5E


Kohler 5 E Marine
built 2002
Model FD 501D / PA 19905
Hour meter 255
This boat is twin engine gas

NOTE Port engine has too be removed if gen set has too come out ,
Trying too avoid since gen set is hardly used , Started often ,
Dockside at marina powers boat along with A/C

Not sure if I have two un related issues ?

Let me start by saying , I am owner # 3 on this boat. Due too location and clearance from what I can see, previous owners seldom maintained and hardly used ( like me )

Generator is tucked under a floor almost impossible too preform work

Removed refrigerator & dummy floor , now have access too top of gen set
Removed riser from engine and can get too front of gen set .
Now have access but still not easy too get too all areas

Last year port engine was removed for rebuild
Had access too gen set, preformed basic service , oil, plugs, filters,
impeller , antidote ,
Noticed grounding strap was rusted not bolted too metal tray
Ran a battery cable from same bolt that held strap too a bolt on engine. If I remember on same bolt was grounding cable going too battery

Fired up , garden hose , ran OK . RE INSTALLED ENGINE .

Month later boat in water , at dock , dockside electric NOT PLUGGED IN
Started gen set. from cabin . Idling few moments looked up from cabin HUGE CLOUD OF BLACK SMOKE coming from under deck floor , LOOKED LIKE BOAT WAS ON FIRE SCARY , was able too shut from the shut off switch in cabin ,

Burning smell lingered hours .
Remember viewing limited, not sure what too look for ?
Due too amount of smoke thinking engine winding grounding ??
From time too time I would start gen set , hoping too pin point what component is burning . Within a moment I would smell burning . SHUT

NOW it clicks no crank

On control box there are 2 fuses, breaker switch , start button Opened top and noticed when I hit start it clicks I see a red spot , not a spark but noticed a red dot of sorts off of one of the resisters close too start switch
Left everything and wanted too post on this forum too get some ideas before returning
I know its best too call the guy ,. Rebuilding a gen set not used is costly , Add in port engine , removal , then gen set , could be 8 thousand dollar job too make coffee
Just wondering two un related or the smoke, is coming from a starting issue which makes no sense , Grounding strap that I ran ? NO SENSE

Considering Jumping starter or solenoid ? Think starter is in front near oil fill , ? Really tuff viewing
don't see any burnt wires ,
Here is FL a number of generator shops , boat at a marina ,
Speaking with a number of generator repair people nobody wants too work on generators in boats , and when they hear port engine blocking they know what a challenge it is too work
They sort of want the work but tell me its my deal getting gen set out too them
Almost easier leave it , hell with it , just making me crazy if I wanted too stay on hook and need a gen set buy a Honda 2800 portable making sure no fumes come into cabin . A/C . Take home too have when we have out many FLA hurricanes
Your thoughts is appreciated