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Kohler marine 5e


Kohler marine 5 E
built 2002
FD 501 D
Present meter hour 250

Gen set installed on a boat . Tucked under a deck along side port engine
Almost impossible preforming work , Boat is a 31 ft boat stored at a marina
I offered too transport boat too generator shop , nobody eager too preform any work on gen set in boat . Removal my responsibility .
Started often , never used other then making coffee at sea
Port engine must be removed for generator removal . COSTLY , trying too repair myself with gen set in place

I have 2 things going on , hoping its related

Few months back started generator , running ruff , within a few moments a huge cloud of black smoke was coming out from under deck . Looked like boat was on fire . SCARY .

SHUT off from cabin . Burnt smell lingered hours ,

After this event generator was able too start , and would do so from time too time , hoping too view something ? a grounded wire sparking

Within a few seconds burning smell . CLOSED

Had enough , removed dummy floor above generator giving me access too top portion of gen set
Removed engine riser and other items having more access front of gen set A LOT MORE ROOM TOO WORK

Opened control box , and noticed a red glow off a resister when I hit switch
I can see solenoid cover , wiring , and can get too that area ,
Left everything , wanted too get more info , will be returning this week
IF I jump solenoid do I run a cable from positive of battery too starter side of solenoid , hoping it cranks ?
Speaking with Kohler tech he indicated the amount of smoke could be motor windings have grounded? OF coarse he said CALL THE GUY .
I am hoping since now it clicks maybe something with the starting process is causing the smoke , ( too easy )


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Ok, you asked. Please don't be offended.
1) You already posted once about this problem. Please do not double post.
2) Because of where you live, there may be ordinances against it, but what I would do is load the boat on a trailer, take it home, set up a-frame and chainfall, pull port engine, then pull generator. Chances are you are going to have to do this anyway. Or have it done. Then you can inspect the complete unit to determine the actual problem.


Re reading my first post , too wordy figuring making it a little clearer .
I am aware , Removal of engine is way too go. Take too shop .
My marina offers no repairs, only hauling , storage,
Once I do all the breakdown they will haul engine at a reduced rate The best way too go . ON A MISSION trying too fix in place
Thank you for getting back ,


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No problem. Sometimes you can't do it easily, some you can. And I also understand marina space in Florida is like chickens' teeth, hard to find. I have never worked on a Kohler, so speculation on the problem would be out of line. Hopefully, someone with experience will chime in. Good luck.:)