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Kohler model K91EP has engine

ronny p 148

This engine starts hard as heck ! Has intermittent spark pull it over and over but when it does start on square I know not Realy good for it but when it does fire it runs great ! Has external points !


A bit more detail would be helpful. I'd check the ignition timing, clean/gap the points/plug, check flywheel key if applicable, check all kill wires for shorts, and have the coil tested.


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Is it manual pull-start, and what fuel is it running? Most small EPs I've messed with have a bandix-scintilla type magneto, with a (small) magnet ring collar on the crankshaft.. it needs more crank speed as the coil ages, but maybe you can tighten up the gap a little between the coil shoes and magnet ring. The magnets don't have near the speed as a flywheel-mounted magnet.