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Kohler PDFs Available


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I need the service manual for the water cooled l654ep kholer generator . Spec number 48155a. Any help would be greatly appreciated


I feel like I'm beating a dead horse but I need access to a PDF for my Genset Model: 7.5R62 with Spec 406319-62L. Need the PDF for the engine also. It is the Model L654, Spec 48220. I've looked at most of the posts all the way back to '06, I believe, and a few guys need the same PDF's with slight differences. I saw a post where they talked about a site just for Kohler's but it didn't draw much interest. I've got an Onan and the site with a bunch of PDF's helped me out greatly. My thanks to the guy who did most of that work. I am not a computer geek and have a hard time finding my emails so I'm not going to pretend to be able to help. If someone could just figure out how to get the PDF's, if from one source, that would help. I have msg's in to Kohler now for info. I don't mind buying a manual if I have to but I'd like to exhaust all avenues before I do that. Anybody have any suggestions, I'm all ears and eyes. Thanks in advance.


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If you are posting your email address openly as above, be prepared for a barrage of junk mail. Spammers cruise web sites daily, looking for @ addresses so they can spew their crap.

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Hello, I could really use a digital copy for a 2 cylinder 4.5 ckm RV generator.
All of the sudden it stopped turning over and it's locked up so I'm thinking maybe one of the rings popped off the head cuz it wasn't under load when I try to start it last until I figured out I needed a dual center tower coil replaced and I'm ready it doesn't want to turn over so I don't think I got water in the motor I'm thinking maybe one of them brings up stuff cylinder head popped off so I can pull the head but anyways if you can help me out with this I really appreciate it my email s e a m e s h i n e 2 at gmail.com