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L654 engine electric choke replacement


New member
While I believe the electric choke on my 7.5R23 Kohler genset is working, it has a very loose terminal, so I've been looking for a replacement.

Part number is 277469, which is discontinued as many of us know, but I've found Kohler part number 359356 which suggests on many sites that it *may* be a replacement for 277469 and 277469-S. It sure looks the same, but I'm not sure if the springs could be different and have more or less resistance. While not a ton of money, about $65, I hate to just waste it if it won't work.

Does anyone know if this choke assembly, 359356, can be used on a the 7.5R genset and the L654 engine? My genset spec is 106275-A.