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Lake Breeze, Model "B", in Mint Cond.

D. Dean Suhr

I was fortunate enough to purchase a Lake Breeze, Model "B" fan from the original family. This fan was used for several months, prior to 1920, and then stored in the attic of the family Ranch House. After dusting it off, fill the original kerosene burner, add one drop of oil to the piston rod, as the instruction book stated, light the lamp and for the first time in over 85 -90 years it was running. The fan is absolutely as new! My video is not very good as it was a first for a new Camera, and a first for a You Tube video.
Most likely the first show for this fan will be Cottonwood, AZ next spring.


D. Dean Suhr

I received new information today from the family that purchased the Fan, "The Grandfather purchased it the Summer 1917 to cool their son's bedroom as he was terminally ill and subsequently passed away November 13, 1917 at age 21. The fan was then stored in the attic untill being loaned to a Museum in Crawford, NE a couple of years ago and is where my brother spotted it . The ID tag does say "Pat'd Pending"!


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That fan would look good at a show at Country Junction USA Branch 206 show east of Yuma AZ on Jan 27-28 th Buster :wave::wave:


Awesome find!!!!
It really is in like new condition which is amazing!!!

Great coffin....ooooops i mean case!!!!:D