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Lanz Bulldog 15-30

Cole M

Recently acquired a Lanz Bulldog 15-30 made in Germany, and was wondering a couple things. First, I was curious if anyone knew the connecting rod bearing clearance. Also, I was wondering if anyone knew how to find the year - serial number is 77442.
Thanks in advance, Cole
I do recall when watching him do a starting procedure for one, you insert a handle into the side and turn it a half a dozen times this primes the oil system.
That before you try and start it.
I suppose since its unknown service interval you would change the oil as well.
you take the steering wheel out and insert it in the end of the crankshaft this serves as the turning tool to turn it over.

The hot bulb burner can be running at the same time.
Didn't ask how he judges temp on the bulb though.
I have a video of it somewhere on VHS tape it would need to be converted to a file type that could be posted up.

Merv C

Many Years ago I owned a 15 30 and 25 HP pre L
The 1530 was 1928 and the 25hp was 1935. I can't answer your question But I seem to remember the date of manufacture was stamped on the back of the seat. The Bulldog is a great tractor and have a great sound to them. Starting them you do have to prime the lubricating system first, If I remember it was with a brace and a spade bit. If it had been sitting idle For a long time you had to give 80 turns, that is done while it is heating up. A few minutes heating with the blowlamp and two or three pumps with primer on the fuel pump and it will be good to go. The steering wheel goes into the flywheel center and to start it is bounced against the compression. it should start first or second bounce and rotate the right way. Sometimes they will run backwards, so to change direction throttle right back until it almost stops and you can get it to bounce the other way The lubricating oil pump doesn't work if the engine is running backwards.

They run quite well on diesel but to get more power out of them add some oil to the diesel. They were designed to run on quite a heavy fuel.



Hello Cole

The connectingrod bearing clearance should be 0.08 to 0,145 mm
Serial numbers are from 75181 in summer 1929 to 86681 in 1935 so yours would be aprox. end 1930 i suppose.

Greetings, Pim

Craig here: the mm dimensions convert to .003"- .0057" US.