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Lanz Bulldog 36 farm tractor


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If I recall, Deere bought up that company and marketed an improved version, mostly for the European market. I do know that a few made it to Canada and the upper Midwest.

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Heinrich Lanz got quite a few tractors into western Canada. I have an ad from 1933 showing a steel-wheeled Lanz being offered in three sizes - 12/20, 15/30, and 22/38.
From testimonials in early 1950s brochures, they take Lanz tractors back to at least 1930 in western Canada. The brochures show box car loads of them coming in to Prairie distribution points.
One 1950s brochure states:
16, 25, 35, 45 hp Ag type with steel or pneumatic tires
16, 20, 25 hp with all purpose, adjustable tread
25,35,45,55 hp road transport/industrial
A company called Western Export Import Co. Ltd. in Saskatoon was a distributor.The card I have is undated but it says Lanz was "proven in Saskatchewan by more than 20 years of operation." 25, 35 and 45 hp tractors were listed.
I have nothing on US sales.


Thanks appreciate the response. We owed a lanz 36 a long time ago and my dad sold it. Now I am curious to find one on sale.