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Lanz Bulldog

John Davis

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Check this video out! I know it probably shouldn't be posted this area. Still neat looking!

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Brothers Clemens

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The bulldog with the little boy sitting on the back is three years old (ore the boy is 3 years old?.)
Wel a lot of the new rebroductions are coming from Poland.

In Holland we give these type Bulldog a nick name.
We called them Jantje.

10 years ago they where super expensive.
Some where sold for 70 thousend €..:confused:

I don’t know if this wil go on at the momend because if to many ore to many are coming from Poland i am afraight that the price will go down.:(
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Copy's are available for 14.000 € now a days. The originals never were as high as 70 but did reach the 50.000€ mark. Many of them are now for sale for much less just because of the copy's

Brothers Clemens

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In Holland there are sure sold for 70 thousend and also asking € a coople years ago.:p

Nuts about the long version of the Eilbuldog with side door.
This one was also used in WWII by the Germany army transporting the heavy stuff.

Most expensive are.
Lanz felddank, Lanz feldmotor, Lanz Landbouwmotor.

A very rare Lanz is the Lanz woman/lady Baurern/farmers Bulldog.
This Bulldog 4506 is made in WW II and put in each others by the German woman.
Its made under Hitler as woult the future tractor for the farmers people.
Hitler woult have 200 until 300 thousend of them.
They only came on 276 after that Lanz factory was bombed by Allied forces.

After the war they went tru with a new sister the 5506 farmersbulldog.