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Large Torque Wrench


Wow, that's pretty neat! So, does it click like a modern one? I've never seen an old one of that style.

I used a friends torque wrench to do the cylinder head nuts on the Cummins in my bus after the valve job. I don't recall how high it could go, but the nuts were ~750 ft lbs IIRC. We were both on the end of it to get there! :crazy:



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Hard to say exact application. Biggest things I had to torque were the gland nut on VW flywheel @ 254 ft/lbs or the axle nut on VW bus @ 245 ft/lbs.

BTW I'd try that out on lowest setting first... some of those torque wrenches didn't click at torque, they freewheeled! Hard enough to deal with if expected, dangerous if totally unexpected.


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Back when in my early days of truck repair (1972), we did a rebuild on a Autocar with a Cummings engine. As I recall we used a torque wrench that went to over 300 ft lbs. It clicked when it hit the pre set limit. Those engines didn't use a head gasket, just a bit of copper coat spray, then torque to some where around 300lbs. The surface was a very highly polished finish.

Steve Kunz

I have not tried it, I don’t think that it clicks like the modern ones. I think it is spring loaded and “bends” at the pivot point when it reaches the set point???
The part sticking out at the end of the handle has two flats to turn it with a wrench and adjust the setting.


Tracy T

interesting, but not all that big. my 1/2" drive goes to 250 i believe. metric wheels on a tractor & trailer torque to 500 LB if i remember right. U bolts on a mack were some ungodly amount, took at least two people with a torque mulyiplier. for some reason 1500 FTLBS comes to mind, i cant remember for sure but it was way up there!

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any pat dates on it? currious how old it is.

Steve Kunz

Tracy, it would be interesting to know. I wonder if it was made by Sunnen here in St. Louis for export, or imported here?
Dal, Sunnen is still in buisness here in St. Louis, they make honing equipment also.


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Some of the earth moving equipment requires high torque settings too so it would have many uses just not around your average B&S engine.

Tracy T

sunnen made some quality tooling. have you tested it yet? easy enough to do a rough test, take a known calibrated torque wrench and a square socket and use one to test the other.