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Leroi Crank Engine on Super Bean Orchard Sprayer

Please help me get the correct terminology for what I have. To try to say what it is.. well, its' all new territory for me, although I love all of the old farm stuff.. :brows:
We are transitioning to pasture, and we have two antique orchard sprayers that were sheltered on the really old farm next door.. I'm assigned like to prepare ads for them and the units are beautiful, but I don't know what they are.
This one has the coolest huge steel wheels ever, and there is a LeRoi motor (?) with a numbered tag 75731; but the cast iron in the same compartment is stamped Super Bean.
How is Super Bean different than LeRoi? :confused:
The sprayer appears to have been horse drawn..which confuses me. Is the LeRoi a hit and miss? I will post the other- a Hardie Imperial - after I figure out this post. Can anyone tell me what this motor, engine conglomeration is? Much thanks!!



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Re: LeRoi crank engine on Super Bean orchard sprayer

You might want to post on the Lugs and Cleats page. It appears the sprayer is mounted to a very old tractor frame. Someone will be very interested in that frame.


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Re: LeRoi crank engine on Super Bean orchard sprayer

It is a horse drawn sprayer, the engine may be a LeRoi that powers the sprayer pump. The sprayer pump is the part with the crankshaft on top with the three connecting rods.
Bean built sprayer pumps. The wood part is the water tank.


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Re: LeRoi crank engine on Super Bean orchard sprayer

And no its not hit and miss I can see the link to the butterfly on the carburettor.


I think it is on a purpose built trailer/wagon. There are no holes in the wheels for lugs and there isnt any flanges for sprockets. I think they just put large rear wheels to make it handle the weight of the water tank and the sprayer.