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Leroi MP3 Help Please

Rex Piekarczyk

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I've had this LeRoi for a few years, and pulled the plug to drain the oil & nothing came out until I pulled out enough sludge to let it flow. According to the L-Head (not the right one apparently) manual, if sludge is encountered the pan should be dropped and thoroughly cleaned. The problem is there is no pan. The bottom of the engine is a casting integral with the motor mounts, so the entire top of the engine would need to be removed to do any cleaning. Anybody know a better way?

Also, can't find a timing mark on the flywheel. L-Head manual describes a mark on the wheel & pointer to match it to. Yeah, no pointer, but there is a tab at the bottom of the radiator near the flywheel that looks like a good place for a pointer.

Any advice? Know of the correct manual for this flathead?


well you could put some seafoam in the oil pan let it set or if possible run the engine for a short time, drain and repeat....
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