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Leroi Q185D Compressor Rebuild


First post here.

Long story short.
I wanted to rent oilfield equipment. Went out and bought a 1988 Leroi Q185D Towable Air Compressor online that was "ready to work"
Engine was leaking coolant through liners, two bad injectors, two rings broken, and every piston was scored. I set it aside to tinker with in my garage and bought newer equipment and took it as a loss. Over about a year and half I eventually got the engine done and runs like a top.

I do not have a parts manual and need some parts for the unloader valve now. Is there anyone here that can help me with this? I can not find the right manual on ebay even.

Attached is some pictures of the engine rebuild. Waukasha VRD220 now owned by Arrow.



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Humm ready to work..... hope their tongue and fingers fall off ....

anyway nice work , I wonder if you look at a sullair or IR 185 , at that end "the compressor" not too much different as for unloaders and governor controls , PM me and I can get a pic of my Sullair 185 unloader