LeRoi SRP-2 engine


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I recently acquired a LeRoi model SRP-2 power unit. I am not finding any information on this model online. Doe anyone know anything about it, such as year of manufacture or hp?


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Have you found any info about your LeRoi engine? I recently bought a similar engine. Mine is a VRP-207. It has a 2 7/8 bore with a 3 1/2 inch stroke. I once had a homemade tractor that a friend had built. It had a 2 cylinder LeRoi, but, I'm pretty sure it had a 3 1/8 bore with the 3 1/2 stroke. I have found a limited amount of info on the 4 cylinder engines, but not much about any of the 2 cylinder engines. I have pictures of mine, but as yet haven't been able to load them to my computer. Do you have any pics of yours?
I believe my engine spent it's younger days powering a small cement mixer.
Sincerely, Kirk Hoffman