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Let's find the Rose in this Thorny Pandemic!

Beth V

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So, NTA & Rollag, along with many others, have cancelled. We are all depressed at what woulda, coulda, shoulda been--playing with our engines, catching up with old friends. enjoying some beverages & food, swapping lies, smelling that coal/wood/steam/oil perfume, etc.

I will dearly miss the people. There are so many "older" folks that come up and visit every year. If we think WE are depressed, think of them. Like us, they look forward to the show. Let's go back to old fashioned communication and send notes to these folks or give them a ring. Many can't get out very much & I'm certain, it would make their day.

I believe we will be surprised at how much these communications will mean to them.


G B Lee

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Very good point that Beth brought forward.
I plan to have several "mini" shows in my barn yard during the summer. I will invite local friends that are interested and that will include the "older" ones. If they can't drive then I will try to work transportation for them.
Nothing big, just fire up the half scale Case and the vertical boiler on my steam engine trailer that I take to shows.

We will just sit around in the shade, watch them run and give some throttle time to those that may never have a chance to do that at the big shows.

I had my steam engine trailer at the Findlay, Ohio show several years ago. I had the boiler fired up and running one of the engines. A man in his 80's came by and we were talking about the engines. He ask if he could blow the whistle. I said sure, that is what it is there for. After he blew the whistle he got a little emotional and said " I been wanting to do that all my life" That made my day to hear that.

It doesn't take much sometime to give back. Just saying.


Lester Bowman

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Gotta remember every day is a gift and there is no warranty on life the day we were born. Look up often and thank our Creator for yet another day because no matter how bad it seems to be, somebody else has it worse. All my belief is summed up in that simple sentence... every day is a gift.

Jim Conte

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This hobby started with neighbors and friends getting together to remember the good old days.
People actually wrote letters and organized small threshing and sawing bees.
Sometimes folks like Reverend Elmer Ritzman traveled many hundreds of miles
across the states to attend, meet people, take pictures and share stories.
Iron Men album started as a simple newsletter. Are we able to do things like that again ?
Share your small get-together news with us here and very importantly, with
the often older folks who don't do computers but do get the magazines and share them.
Hi all,

I bet we all have our favorite, local show. I have one that I call my 'home show' because that is where my infection began. I know that there are some MANY projects on the grounds that can be done with no or a very small budget. I plan to work on some of them this summer and more of them next summer before the show.

I have projects at home that need my attention. They often get pushed back because of commitments to the regular shows I attend. Why my wife puts up with that, I don't understand.

I bet if we look at our 'home show' we can find things to work on for the good of the show. These projects can be opportunities to re-connect with friends and meet new friends.

It may be lemons. We can work and make some lemonade.

Jerry Christiansen