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Lexton Victoria 3352 auction


"Funny how they list all the junk online too, as if anyone is going to bid interstate for that $20 stuff."

Aw, I dunno. I noticed a couple of "bits" in the junk that could help out with a couple of restos that I know of. Owners have been searching high and low without much success.

Whether they follow up is anyone's guess. :shrug:

As they say, "One man's junk..."

Just saying.



I was involved in setting up bundles of gear for an auction at a work place that was closing down. The Auctioneer especially then went through the lots and started picking up good stuff and mixing it with lets says NOT good stuff. this ensured that the "lot" was sold together with the crap and the new owner got to dump the rubbish and keep the good item/s.
Good method in his madness!


i was gunna comment that i was thinking of putting a 20$ bid on this seat,
postage would have doubled the cost, fair enough.

so, it did not stay in the 20$ category,
and the buyer wants to be a postman.

i really should say thanks for showing us some more photos:)

cheers Rod.


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