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Lincoln F227 Continental


Saw a post on here about a Sa300 in northern Alberta. I have a later 300 with the F227. I think the year of manufacture was 1973 if memory serves. Great old welder. Use it daily. Started to have problems with the carb. It is a zenith with a power valve so i don't think it is original. The books show both a zenith and a Marvel/Schebler. Kind of looking for an original Carb that would be rebuildable. Searched all over the internet and have found a lot of tractor Carburetors but few welder Carbs. The throttle shaft on the welders is longer.:)

Sonny Reese

The engine is actually an F-226 . We had them on cornpickers and combines. they were good engines. I had a carb here, but now I cant find it. Not sure the number of them. thanks; sonny