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Lincoln Ranger 8 Not charging battery


I have an old Lincoln Ranger 8 welder with a Onan P216G -I/11421G Performer 16 engine that doesn't charge the battery. I replaced the voltage regulator. With the engine running at high idle I get 9 VAC on the 2 outside wires and 12,2 DCV on the middle terminal. I think I should have 40-50 VAC and 13+ DCV. Would this be a bad flywheel alternator stator? If so would it be a 35 AMP or 20 AMP stator? Is there anything else I should test to pinpoint the charging problem? I am sorry I don't have a serial number. The Data decals are all faded out. The serial # is supposed to be stamped on the engine case but I don't know at what location. The welder is a Model K1418-1 Code 10373 according to Lincoln. Thanks for any help. Sam