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Lincoln Ranger 8 Opinions / Thoughts?


Hi All,

Just wanted some ideas about a Lincoln Ranger 8 welder/generator. Any good? I have an opportunity to get one and would like to know more before I buy.
Thanks !


Re: Lincoln Ranger 8 opinions / thoughts?

I had one on my service truck for ten years. For most of the guys, they served most of their time as a generator for jobsite power tools (large hammer drills, ventilation fans, sump pumps, etc), and being the source of heat to warm and dry our wet coveralls, gloves, boots, and tools in the winter the balance of that time as welding structural steel at 150-200A or so. Mine had the Onan Performer 18 twin.

From an operational standpoint, it did fine with two exceptions- first, was that mine had some particular spec compliance that limited it's fuel capacity to something like 2.5 gallons... which meant I was forced to constantly re-fill it with a portable safety can, rather than the other guys' machines (which all would hold closer to six).

None of the machines ran particularly well inside our trucks... we had 11' long service bodies tall enough for a man to walk upright in, with the machine mounted transverse across the front edge... the body side cabinets were opened in back for access to the welder when doors were open, and exhaust plumbed down through the body floor. Although the temperature inside didn't rise substantially with doors all open (which is how we ran them), they didn't like being in that environment... they'd overheat and stall, particularly when welding.

This antic didn't cause substantial problems for most of the guys, as they didn't weld often... they'd place box fans inside the service bodies to bolster airflow, which helped. I did more, and heavier welding, so I replaced mine with a Miller Bobcat, and did not have any of those problems.

Our other crews' trucks were fitted with same machines, but up on open service bodies. Most noted that the Ranger 8 would get weak after welding at high current for long periods, many of those were replaced by Bobcats, and I haven't heard of reports of problems after.

I don't know if my Ranger had aluminum or copper windings, but I'm pretty certain my Bobcat had copper, and it may have been that the Ranger's windings were aluminum... if so, that may be the reason for difference. Aside from that, as long as they were in open air, they seemed to do fine.