Lincoln SA200 Welder

I went to look at a Lincoln SA 200 this week it is advertised for sale cheap $250, so I am pretty excited to go check it out. I get there and the lady tells me that it has been sitting for at least 10 years, so I tell her it should be fine as long as the motor is not seized up. Well the motor is seized up I tried turning the motor over using the fan belt and it will not budge. The I went and got a wrench that I was able to place in the groove on the crank start and still nothing. So the motor is froze up and who knows what it will take to get it free again, I think that with a good soaking of Kroil it may free up but if a ring gets broken then it will be a money pit and a lot of work. So I told her that I could give them $100 for it, and I have not heard back yet I think I may offer $150 and take a chance, there is probably $50 in copper from the old leads so I can not go too wrong here.
Any thoughts here? I already have one SA in my fleet so parts would be another option


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Get a serial number or code number off it ? What year ?

Regardless if short or long hood it's worth the $250 for just parts no matter the engine is seized so serves you right if it's done gone when you go back. If you want a $100 welder go to Harbor Freight and buy a piece of china junk. The SA200s will all still be running when the china stuff is long gone to the scrap smelter.
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Ya I am stupid, they will not return my calls now, these things come up in our area often most have been sitting for some time and there is little interest in them for some reason. I know what great machines the SA are the best pipe welder out there. Here is a shot of one of my H F speacials, paid $10 for this westinghouse with a chysler industrial 6 cylinder


Ok here is an update on the welder, I finally got a hold of the people and told them I would give them the asking price after the positive input that I received.
This thing was sitting for at least 10 years but the tires still had air, so my plan was to tow it about 8 miles to my friends shop and pull it off the trailer then put it in my truck to get it home. Well I made it about 1/2 a mile and stopped to check every thing and one tire had the tube sticking out the side wall. So I go to take off the wheel snapping off three studs (forgot to take my Kroil) took the tire and the hub to the tire shop, got a tire for 20 bucks, and a hand full of studs.
Got the welder home and discovered that the motor is not seized, the water pump is seized so that is good news. I will pull it off tonight