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Lincoln Weldanpower 130

Jim Geraci

I have all of the info from Lincoln and some pictures I pulled off the web that show the unit apart. This unit has a Kohler K241 10HP gas engine. The unit is complete, but dirty from sitting.

I need to replace the flashing circuit diodes (Lincoln P/N T12705-6). The diodes in the unit are rusty and look like alternator diodes. The windings APPEAR to be good. I suspect that an attempt to flash was made resulting in the damaged diodes. From their size I would guess them to be in the 15 - 20A range. The diodes are too nasty to pull a number off them.

Can anyone tell me what Volt/Amp rating of the diodes is, better than my guess? I'm sure Lincoln could supply then at their regular amazing price. Looking for a generic version.